L.A. Zoo

zoo best 1

Went out for a quick jaunt a couple days ago with one of my LA travel buddies, Amanda. Yep! Two Amandas. Blame the 80s for not having names like Apple or Bluebell or Lola (pictured in the stroller).  Since Amanda is a member, I was invited to tag along as her guest.  Otherwise, entrance is usually $20 per person, so membership can be a great deal if you plan to visit more than once a year or plan to visit one more than 170 other parks around the U.S. where admission is also free or discounted!. After we walked through the Jurassic World inspired gates, we were stopped by a photographer who insisted on taking a few photos.  We happily obliged – even Lola!

zoo best 2

Yes, there’s a reason why our hands are like that – there’s supposed to be a lion there. That is, IF you want to shell out almost $20 for a photo that you then have to go home and scan and then debate whether or not to throw away.  Here’s the trick: they give you little tickets to enter your photo code in online the next day.  When you do that, you’ll see a proof photo.  Go through the motions to buy (but don’t actually buy), hit the edit button, and voila! Your photo is able to be grabbed with a quick screen shot.  I tried it on a PC – not sure how it’ll work on mobile.  You’re welcome.

As for the real animals, first we stopped by to see Timon sunning himself on a rock. This immediately brought the Lion King to mind and of course we (and by we I mean me) treated onlookers to a few lines of MAHTIMBENYAHBUBUBUMETIMAMMAONWBUENYAPHYEAH.

They were obviously impressed but Timon though we were mocking him. That or he was worried Simba was going to come looking for his rock.  Speaking of Simba, the lion’s den is easily the most disappointing part of the entire park. Third world countries have better facilities. Seriously. We are a little worried.

Next stop were the beautiful pink flamingos. They couldn’t get their head above water though – must’ve been feeding time.

After that, we visited the gorillas.  They were all quite active – hamming it up by wearing foliage on their heads and parading around.

Finally elephants! This bull had the biggest horns I’ve ever seen in real life.  Might’ve been a little disconcerting because he wasn’t wearing chains around his neck like the last elephant I saw. 😦

Other must sees throughout the park include the chimpanzee exhibit, complete with waterfall and the rhinos – much larger than expected and you can feed them for an extra $15 on holidays and weekends!

All in all, a great way to spend a couple hours in LA. The zoo is also a botanical garden now too, and while we didn’t notice a huge diversity of foliage, we were certainly well shaded throughout the park – great for hot days!

L. A. Zoo, loveyoubyebye!


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