The plane to Fiji leaves 30 minutes short of midnight and will fly us directly into the next day. We’re almost packed. Clothes done. Shoes done. Plane clothes picked out. Snacks packed. 

Toiletries now. 

It’s always toiletries. The forgotten toothbrush. Toothpaste. Contacts. Curling iron. 

For Brian it’s a portable fortress. Every brick must be in place. He’s been packing for a week. 

We’ll be safe though. Safe, sound, and beach bound. We’ll stay first in Fiji for a week. Shorts. Board shorts. Bathing suits. Dresses. Hat. Flip flops. Sunscreen. Snorkel. 

Then to New Zealand’s spring. Pants. Jacket. Sweaters. Boots. Socks. Umbrella. 

We think we have it all, but we’ll miss something. We always do. 

Dogs both packed off to my dad’s last night. Staying with their half sister and a cat. They’re such good travelers. Light too. Food. Pillows. Treats. Leashes. Water bowl. 

I don’t need much more than that either. I just think I do. 



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