KAL Lounge

It’s filled with business men of all sorts. Or at least men who are dressed for business with their travel blazers. A couple couples and one other backpacker couple. 

The kitchen is stocked with a few beers, sodas, V8, a coffee machine, fresh fruits and sandwiches, and other assorted snacks. Real plates and cutlery; soft rock at a 3 on the speakers. All complimentary for the weary traveler. Oh, and don’t forget the showers down the hall or the long couches along the edge – perfect for napping. 

Nice views. Quiet. Zero children.  Or if they’re here, they’re as silent as adults. Guangzhou flight is boarding and the announcement is in Chinese first in this room. Telling. 

Three communal TVs and a personal screen for each and every pair of hands. Window watching and gadget charging. Time to catch your flight now. Take a cup of noodles before you go; they’ll do you well on the road. 


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