The world’s most pressing question about FIJI!

 So what’s the answer to the burning question that everyone from America asks when you go to Fiji: “Do they actually drink FIJI water in Fiji???”
Yes, boo. They do. About half the price of ours but there’s another brand that’s half that. I drink the other brand. Brian drinks FIJI.   
  Give way. Bula, baby. I thought it was a gimmick or some kind of cheesy tourist welcome. Nay, it’s the good and true hello, head nod, or the polite form of acknowledgement of your choosing. So bula it is. To the kids, the host, her ex military dad. To the taxi driver, shopkeeper, and poolboy. To the stranger in the street on my morning walk, to Brian, director of dreams. To myself, a Fijian wake up call. Give way. Bula!

 Camera man got some nice shots in yesterday. Learning as he goes – we’ll see what happens. ☺️

 Brian found his spot. Bulaccino. Decent food – Indian inspired – we had daal and yogurt chicken with rice and roti. Espresso. Fresh smoothies. It’s a chain. We had lunch at a location in Manaka, where we’re staying and in Denarau last night where we checked out the mid range luxury hotels on this island. Felt a lot like Lawrence Welk timeshare transported to the beach. 

Deciding on a day cruise today. Wish us luck! 


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