Thank You

Thanks to every one near and far who sent happy birthday wishes my way. Love and miss you guys so much. 

We rented a car that morning and drove from Nadi to Suva that afternoon. We stopped at a few amazing resorts along the way and even a zip line and America Ninja Warrior obstacle along the side of the road.  
Brian opted out and it was too low for me to waste money on, so we watched some kids and moms zip down. They loved it.  

  Enjoying a fresh coconut at one of the resorts. The guy gave it to me for free and he didn’t even know it was my birthday. Great present. Thanks universe. 

Brian splurged and we went to the Grand Pacific Hotel that night. He wrote a paper in the bar that night and I woke up to tea and this view the next morning. 

Suva was a bit too rainy for us, so we headed back to Nadi and spent the last few days relaxing at this cute beachside place Brian found. There was even a small train that ran through a couple times a day. Watch out kids!!!

Resort in Nadi – nighttime view 

We also happened to stop by a Poi performance at one of the neighboring resorts. Beautiful and scary!

Now we’re in Auckland CSing with a cool British lawyer who just discovered the joys of Couchsurfing. It’s refreshing and fun to stay with him and remember what I felt like when I first started on the site. He’s heading to Thailand for a month and is going to host there. If you’ll be in the neighborhood, let me know and I’ll link you up. 

We had a conversation the first night about how men with brown eyes can’t do blonde hair. I showed him Zac Morris (he had no idea who he was but recognized him from other more recent shows) and last night he came home with the Zac Morris hair – down to the exact part and everything. Best part? It looks amazing on him. 

 We also made a quick trip over to the Aquarium yesterday and Brian captured this photo of the skyline.   

We spent part of yesterday trying to rent a van. Apparently this time of year is strangely all booked up. Brian finally found a place last night that let us book for tomorrow, so we’re in Auckland an extra day. 

With that extra day, we’re going to head over to Giapo’s Gelato who invited us to come hang with them and see what kind of gastronomic craziness they’re whipping up. Luckily they’re only about two blocks away from where we’re staying.    The view. We’re staying in the middle of downtown on Queen and Victoria. Very central – this is just another reason why I love Couchsurfing! 

Alright, time to hit the road now. Wish our tastebuds well!

Love you. Bye bye. 



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