It’s so easy to say tomorrow. I’ve done that for almost a month with this. 

Today someone asked me “are you still doing that loveyoubyebye thing?”

Sheepishly I said yes but acknowledged my laziness. 

Laziness. On the trip it’s easy to dismiss. I’m busy, I say as I scroll through Facebook again. 

Now that I’m home though, it’s a creeping disease. It’s the one that says tomorrow. Tomorrow. 

How was the trip you say? 

Good of course. Lion and tiger feeding, glow worm spelunking, luging, Hobbit hole exploring through flora and fauna straight from the pages of Alice in Wonderland. Or Fern Gully. Mixed with something a little prehistoric. We we both completely on our own and welcomed with open arms. She’ll b’right. Strange, that country. 

Fiji was barely a sigh, sad to say. Maldives has set the bar for tropical islands pretty damn high. Sorry Thailand. Sorry Fiji. People are sweet. Stoic. Happy. Not as poor or dirty as Jamaica, but more rugged. Pine trees and palm trees intertwined on hills – a first for me. I kept telling Brian I half expected to see a dinosaur peek between the trunks. 

We were ready to be home. Ready to settle for a bit.  Missed Jack and Elle. Missed food in the fridge and clothes in drawers.  Laundry in the hamper and trash in the can. Everything with a place, including us. 


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