Heading to NYC for the semi-annual Quora Top Writer meetup. If you haven’t heard of it yet (do you even really know me?!?!?) it’s a question and answer site that I enjoy contributing to with answers in travel, autism and aspergers, dating and relationships, life in Los Angeles, food, and whatever else is on my mind that day. 

I also enjoy reading contributions from other writers in current events, space exploration, technology, parenting, and science. Events like this allow us all to meet face to face and reunite with people we hold dear to us but rarely get to see. It’s kind of like the opposite of virtual reality. I love it. And them. 

I’m also beyond excited to experience something that’s been on my list since I was a little kid: ice skating in Rockefeller with the tree. I’m not sure why it’s such a big thing for me, though I have a suspicion Home Alone 2 has something to do with it. 

I’ll visit the Waldorf and ask myself, “what would Brian do?” On second thought, I’d better just stick with a nice warm cuppa. I’ll actually walk through Central Park this time instead of around it. And of course Tony and Frank will be there, reliable as always, with the perfect soundtrack.

Carrier review: United has an interesting system of free wifi on personal devices for their movies and pay per flight Internet. No screens in the headrests or complimentary earbuds. Bring your own err’thang. I guess that’s why the flights are so cheap (LA to NY RT for under $200 + $50 back for getting their card). I don’t miss them to be honest, so props to United!

Slight caveat: not so good for the technologically challenged. The good movies require a plugin for Mac devices. Had my book reading interrupted by the flight’s resident “technology expert” telling my seat mate to go to Safari.com to check why his plugin wasn’t working. After 10 agonizing minutes of, um, troubleshooting, I finally asked if he had restarted the browser. The flight attendant, visibly relieved, bowed out at that point. Nope. Restarted. Still stuck. 

I asked if he wanted me to see if I could get it working. He handed it over without hesitation. Plugin was never installed. Installed and working in less than 60 seconds. Then in a very confusing and roundabout way we go through the difference between an OS, a browser, and a homepage (all three meant the same thing to them so their questions were really confusing). 

Wifey wants to know what I do and then offers “tech writer” or “computer scientist” as possible options. I laugh and silently revel in the fact that women can (and do!) assume that about each other now. 

No, I teach. 


Math and English, K-12

Well that’s why you are so good at explaining complicated things so people can easily understand them. 

If that’s not the best compliment I’ve received from a total stranger, I don’t know what is. 

 Goodbye, sweet sun. See you in a week. 


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